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Roles and Functions






Industrial Relations

  • Negotiates for Salaries and other Benefits for the Administrative and Technical (AT) staff at the University of the West Indies
  • Lobby for improved working conditions
  • Make representation to the University Management on behalf of AT staff
  • Advise AT staff on personal and professional matters.
  • Monitor the mechanisms for dealing with Grievances
  • Monitor changes to the Terms and Conditions of Services






  • Revolving Loan Scheme
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Consumption Loan
  • Information Technology Loan
  • Motor vehicle insurance (endorsed)
  • Professional and financial advice




  • Staff Canteen
  • Book Grant
  • Internal Emergency Loan
  • Christmas Luncheon and Party
  • Donations to Adopted Golden Agers


Staff Development

  • Awards for Excellence in Academics at UWI
  • Awards for Outstanding Performance in Sports etc.


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