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                  Membership in the Association shall be as set out in Article 4: 3(a)-(e) of the Constitution:
The Union shall accommodate three (3) categories of members as set here under: (i) Ordinary  (ii) Affiliated (iii) Life

(b) Ordinary Membership:
Ordinary members are employees of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, who having paid the prescribed fees, operate on the Departmental Committees and/or Worker-Category Committees and conform to the rules established under the Constitution, and who shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges.

(c) Affiliated Membership:
a. Organizations (whether local or international in scope, purpose or origin) engaged in kindred activities recruited by resolution of the Union in Annual General Meeting at the request of any such organization, may be registered as Affiliated Members by the Executive Council on receipt of the prescribed fees. The resolution must be supported by a minimum of two-thirds of the membership.

b. Affiliated members shall have the right of representation at General Meetings of the Union.

(d) Life Membership:



In recognition of outstanding service, the Union may confer Life Membership on persons whose ordinary membership is terminated by retirement or resignation from service on the staff of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Recommendations for Life membership shall be made to the Executive.



Life Members shall not be required to contribute fees, but shall enjoy similar rights and privileges as Ordinary Members.

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