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At its Annual General Meeting held on Thursday May 13, 2004, the Mona Administrative and Technical Staff Association (MONATS), formerly MONASA, elected a new Executive body to serve for a period of one year. The announcement of the results for the position of President was prefaced by thunderous applause and shouts of jubilation from the members who anticipated the return of Mr. Patrick Thwaites for a third consecutive term.

The re-elected Officers include: Vice-President, Mrs. Miriam Lindo; Treasurer, Mr. Alexander Brown; Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Sandra Powell-Mangaroo; and Trustee, Mrs. Venita Hanson. The new Officers include Vice-President, Miss Nolda Thompson; Secretary, Ms. Cecelia Ferguson; and Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Annett Allison-Beckford.

In his reply, Mr. Thwaites, who was overwhelmed by the support and approval that he received, thanked the members for the confidence they placed in him and re-emphasized his continued dedication and total commitment to the work of the Union. He assured members that the new Executive Council would continue the tradition of service with pride and determination.

The Association, which is celebrating 30 years of existence this year, places on record its profound thanks and well wishes to former officers - Mrs. Peta-Gaye Dunn-Coore, Mrs. Janet DeSouza and Mr. Lloyd McBean - who had contributed significantly to its work and achievements.

Public Relations Officer (MONATS)
May 14, 2004

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